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Jesse Lane

Magazine cover displaying colored pencil portrait
Magazine Cover about colored pencil
Colored Pencil Magazine Cover
Cover of Color magazine displaying Manifest

Limited-Edition Prints


I'm excited to announce fine art prints

are now available at RJD Gallery!

They are limited-edition 

and shipping is free in the continental US.

My Voyage into Imaginative Realistm

Creating art is always an evolving journey.

I share my venture into imaginative realism in the latest issue of International Artist Magazine (Feb/March 2023).

You can read the article here.


Podcast Interview

I'm incredibly honored to be the first colored pencil artist to appear on this podcast by American Art Collector Magazine!

We had a great discussion about getting started as an artist and pursing your passion and inspiration. 

You can listen to it here. 


 A Top Colored Pencil Award

Lunar Rhythms has been awarded one of the top awards from the Colored Pencil Society of America: the Derwent Award for Exceptional Merit.


The CPSA 30th Annual International Exhibition is in Florida at the Dunedin Fine Art Center July 11-Aug.13, and the Ormond Memorial Art Museum Sept. 1-Nov. 15, 2022.

RJD Gallery, Romeo, Michigan
January 1 - 31, 2022

Artist Jesse Lane

"Immersions ~ Revelations of the Soul"

Artist Statement


This body of work is a visual journey of recovery, self discovery and becoming bold enough to step into the unknown and find love.


We are all on our own journey of inner contemplations and emotions.  We interpret and digest life's experiences in our own unique way, giving meaning to art.  At some point, we all turn inward to decode the greatest mystery we will ever encounter: the mystery of one's self.  We are all shaped by the world around us.  However in these works, I shaped the world around the figures as a physical manifestation of their inner world.


Every piece begins with an emotion I pair with water.


Water can create a depth of emotional experiences.  It can gently flow with a soothing slowness.  Water can rush and crash, representing intensity or chaos.  Or it can immerse, bringing us into a world of fantasy.


Immersion is my favorite role that water plays.  When we are underwater, we are out of our element. We cannot speak, rather we take things in. We observe and think.  The ocean presents itself as both a potential threat and a comforting shelter.  In the ocean, we are perhaps at our most calm, yet we are simultaneously vulnerable, out of our element. 


There are many parallels between the ocean and love. The feelings of love engulf us. Love makes us feel weightless. It's magical. It involves stepping outside ourselves into new territory and experiencing someone different from us. However, love is delicate. Our emotions can spiral. We realize that to love someone means being vulnerable. Even if we’re careful, we can get hurt... so hurt it can feel as though we will never recover.


As confusing as love is, it's something we live for. Whatever feelings we experience, they are often deep, like an abyss.


American Art

A wonderful preview of my solo show was published in the January, 2022 issue of American Art Collector Magazine.


Color Magazine

That's my piece Witness peeking out from the cover of the January 2022 issue of Color Magazine.


Inside, there's a step-by-step demo  detailing how I drew Witness.


Fine Art Connoisseur

Undercurrents is featured in the June, 2021 issue of Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine. 

The article, "A Time for Twosomes," says artists have long been intrigued by couples not only for their narrative potential, but because their body language


You can read the article here. 


John Dalton Podcast

John Dalton interviews leading figurative artists in his marvelous "Gently Does It" podcast.

What an honor to be included!

You can hear our chat here. 


International ARC Salon

I'm so happy that Undercurrents is a finalist in the renowned 2021 International ARC Salon.


With almost 5,000 entries, this is the top competition for realism in the world. 


On the Cover

Hypnosis is the first colored-pencil piece to ever appear on the cover of The Artist Magazine in the UK.

Inside, there's an article on how I created Hypnosis step-by-step. 

It's the November, 2020 issue

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