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Abyss, coloured pencil, 39x28in  (99.1x71.1cm).jpeg

Drawing Critiques

Personal Feedback to help You Grow

Elevate Your Art

Ready to take your colored-pencil creations to new heights?

Let Jesse gently guide you with his expert eye and insightful feedback through personal critiques.


Need help?

Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting out, Jesse's personalized approach will help you refine your skills.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to receive professional guidance tailored to your artistic journey.


Jesse Teaching.jpeg

What's Included?

You receive a custom-crafted video just for you!

Jesse dives into your artwork, offering honest and valuable suggestions on your drawing's composition, values, colors and rendering.

Watch your art flourish under Jesse's expert guidance.


How do I start?

Click a button below to submit your request.

The cost is $50 for one image or $80 for two.

After payment, email your image(s) to


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